Coyote Robotics Teams Qualify for State Championship at SW Virginia Competition

On Saturday, Dec. 3, the two GWCS-Coyote Robotics teams competed against 8 other teams from Virginia and West Virginia in the FTC Southwestern Virginia Qualifying Tournament at Southwest Virginia Community College in Cedar Bluff, Virginia. The small numbers of teams participating and the friendly, polite, southern ambiance created a fun event with lots of excitement and friendly sharing.

Both teams ended up qualifying for the State Championship. Team 965 "Redstone Rangers" had a great robot and great programming but experienced technical problems communicating with the Field Control System during every match, forcing the drivers to struggle uselessly with a disconnected controller while the communications hardware kept rebooting. During one of the short periods of complete control, the team got the bowling ball up the ramp onto the goal, among the first to actually achieve this result. Team 3749 had early success picking up a crate and holding it high for a 42-point score for that one crate (a higher individual score than most final alliance scores all day), but were forced to improvise with inconsistent results as their scissor-lift was not quite robust-enough yet to use as designed.

More refinement will bring success. We look forward to our upcoming 3 touraments in January. Some video are below.


Scissor Lift Success!

The "Scissor Lift" developed by Coyote Robotics Team 3749 ended up giving the team great success over the course of the season. Below is a video from the Northern Virginia competition in January, 2012.

Team 965 Scores at FTC Q-vent North

Team 965 Scores at Virginia FTC Q-vent North


Coyote Robotics would like to thank our sponsors for their gracious support of our team:

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Coyote Robotics is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to follow careers in math, science, and technology through the fun and engaging FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition.
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